Gulf Georgia, as one of the financially strongest companies and as a brand associated with success, assumes a high responsibility of caring for socially unprotected members of society; we are committed to improving environment and promoting a healthy life style.


Protecting the Environment
In the modern world our environment is continually polluted by the excessive number of motor vehicles and other means of transportation. Consequently, society must fully realize its responsibility to care for issues of ecological improvement of the environment.


Gulf's sphere of activities is directly related to environmental pollution. This is why we support diverse programs of reforestation and environmental restoration. We work continually to improve processes to reduce pollution and strive to decrease potentially negative environmental impacts from our activities and operations.


Socially Unprotected Community Care
Responsibility for socially unprotected members of society has long been a part of our values. As a socially responsible and charitable company, we are committed to helping and supporting the needy and under-privileged members of society. Every day we receive a great number of letters from people asking for help.


It is important that Gulf Georgia gives not only financial support to individuals but also is committed to make them feel that they are not isolated from the community. As a socially responsible company Gulf Georgia is committed to contributing integration of socially unprotected people into society through employment and works continually to create an environment conducive to their prosperity so that socially unprotected people too, feel that they are members of a strong team.




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