Ecofleet - GPS Technology for your Business
Ecofleet - GPS Technology for your Business

Ecofleet is an international software company that specializes in GPS based fleet and team management solutions. Our focus is on optimizing car fleets and workflows to help our customers reduce costs and increase revenue. 

Ecofleet is one of the leading telematics providers in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe with presence in over 20 countries and 60.000+ vehicles.

Our expertise is in sales, service and R&D. We offer a wide range of standard solutions, but also provide scalable solutions for individual needs.

The solutions offered by Ecofleet ensure that all daily routines regarding your fleet are automated and provide an easy and clear access to important data and statistics. We provide quality, safety and efficiency in everyday life, and we have lots of experience we would like to share.


Ecofleet Pro is an advanced and module based web-based GPS tracking and fleet management service that requires no extra software to be installed in your computer.

Ecofleet Pro is a modular solution – all the main functionalities can be switched on/off individually – depending on the customer wish, business field and service needed.

Standard modules in Ecofleet Pro:

  • Map - you can choose between different maps  and map layers (Google regular, satellite, hybri, OpenStreetMap, traffic etc), so you get the view you need.
  • Trips and journal - driving journal can fill itself in automaticly, just create rules (for example every trip on workdays between 9AM and 5PM is business trip). Employees can also edit or fill in the driving journal.
  • Reports - automated and customizable reports to your e-mail, systematic overview and statistics are always there when you need it.
  • Events - Ecofleet will notify you of any events that interest you via the application and also by e-mail or SMS.

Ecofleet has a wide variety of modules to perfectly fit your needs. Just like a tailor-made suit, only much cheaper.


Ecofleet Mobile

Ideal workflow communication tool between office and mobile employees: send tasks from computer to employee’s smartphone and get online task updates with reports, signatures and photos directly to your CRM.


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