Statement of "Sun Petroleum Georgia" LLC
July 22, 2022

Recently, "San Petroleum Georgia" responds to unfounded and unverified statements about the company's business activities spread in the media by certain political or non-governmental organizations.


From the very first day of the establishment of the company, taking into account the brand's high reputation standard and responsibility, all actions and business operations are in full compliance with the local and international regulations of the field. We would like to emphasize that from the introduction of various sanctions until today, every stage of our activities is transparent and in full compliance with the European, British and US sanctions packages. This is regularly confirmed by the conclusions prepared by the largest international - European and US legal companies.


We clarify that in each of the above-mentioned packages, trade and economic relations with the supplier companies are clearly stated. The mentioned wordings are a guide not only for our company, but also for those EU member states that actively and, of course, legally, still cooperate with Russian companies in terms of importing oil products - including "Rosneft". It should be emphasized that as of today, oil products are imported to EU member states from the same factories of "Rosneft" - from where a similar process is carried out in Georgia.

The public, through various public sources, is well informed that, in full compliance with the terms of the sanctions, EU member states continue their business operations in terms of importing various energy resources from Russia. The amount of transactions amounts to tens of billions of euros.


Based on the above, we strongly urge the interested parties not to spread defamatory, inaccurate, incompetent and unverified information. Like other countries and companies of the European family, "San Petroleum Georgia" is constantly looking for alternative suppliers of petroleum products to achieve the only goal - to offer consumers and the Georgian oil market the most acceptable price and quality.


We remind the public that "San Petroleum Georgia" is one of the largest companies of the country, which employs more than 1,500 citizens of Georgia, and annually contributes more than 200 million GEL to the state budget.

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